Aboriginal Partnerships

At KAG Canada, we are committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive culture where ALL employees and partners feel valued and appreciated for their uniqueness and contributions.

Our commitment includes ongoing review and monitoring of our employment policies and practices to ensure they do not contain systemic, actual, or potential barriers that may adversely affect the way we recruit, select, hire, compensate, develop and train, promote, retain, terminate, or accommodate employees.

Securing partnerships with Local Indigenous Groups and their Economic Development Arms for projects where the scope of work includes road building or hauling throughout the communities in their close by regions has been a long-standing priority and part of our strategic approach in ensuring opportunities exist for local community members to learn new skills and participate in projects.

Additionally, we have in-house training programs within KAG Canada for many roles including Class 1 Professional Truck Drivers, Heavy Equipment Technicians and Logistics Specialists. Please contact hr@kagcanada.ca with expressions of interest in partnering with KAG Canada for training programs.

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