Meant for the Road

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You can’t deny it.

You were born for the road.

It’s in your blood. Always has been. You honoured your parent’s wishes, but college wasn’t your thing. Never was. The road was always calling. It took a leap of faith but you did it.

You became a driver.

You gained way more than you gave up. A family, a home and a job you’re proud of. Sure you missed out on some things: a soccer game here and there, that one guitar recital…

but you were always there when it mattered.

No corner office for you, your world is wider than four walls. Prairie sunrises, snow-capped mountains, and some really decent people out on the road and back at the shop.

Real freedom.

it’s been worth it.

You can say with conviction that you built an honest life. You provided for your family. Some nights you were home for bedtime, and some nights you called on the phone so you could read the kids to sleep.

It didn’t matter where you were, you were always there for them.

You stayed true to yourself. You became a driver, because that’s who you are.

That’s how success is really defined.

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