Our Fleet

Our 300 team members in shops across Canada include heavy equipment licensed technicians, welders, tire service technicians, wash bay attendants, and parts technicians. This team of highly skilled professionals ensure we keep our equipment to the highest service standard with minimal downtime.

Full Fleet Solutions to
Meet Your Needs

Our shops are Transport Canada approved to perform B620 inspections on tankers hauling dangerous goods.

Fleet Shops

Our facilities are open seven days a week so that our fleet is always running at the top of their game. Just another example of our uncompromising commitment to be a premiere global transportation and logistics provider.

Our Trailer Fleet

170 sets of Super B Hoppers, used for hauling bulk salt, grain, and fertilizers.

120 sets of Insulated “Hot Product” Super B trailers, used to haul asphalt for road paving and oil emulsion products.

34 sets of Sulfur Super B Trains, used to haul molten sulfur.

15 live bottom trailers. The bottom of the trailer conveyor system allows for the easy unloading of product.

24 sets of Super B’s, used to haul pebbled and hydrated lime, bulk cement, and fly ash. A pressure blower is used to offload the product. The tank itself is pressurized up to 14.9 psi and the product is then forced into a storage silo at the customer site.

Fuel one way and sulfur the other (sulfur or acid) – 6 compartments, fill 3 one way, unload, and refill 3 coming back.

8 sets of Super B’s

Combination units used to haul fuel to retail sites and molten sulfur/sulfuric acid back.

650 sets of Fuel Super B trailers – used to haul refined products – gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Can haul up to 62,000 L.

56 Tridems, Tandems, Quads, 5 Axle, and 6 Axle – used mostly for regional and cross-border deliveries and haul up to 60,000 L. Multi-axle configurations are very popular in the Ontario and Quebec region.

Code 331 pressure vessel trailers

100 sets of C and B trains designated NH3 trailers

40 sets of B-train Trailers that convert for LPG and NH3 service each season

50 sets of LPG designated B-trains

12 tridem/tandem/quad straight pressure trailers

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