Brian Riench Named Shell’s Canadian Driver of the Year

February 8, 2024

Brian Riench, KAG Canada’s Professional Class 1 Driver from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has been recognized for his workplace excellence on and off the road by Shell staff and other hauliers for helping others, making safe decisions and his dedication to upholding industry standards.

Brian Riench’s professional driving journey with KAG Canada (formerly known as Paul’s Hauling) and Shell started on June 6, 2004.

His wife of 30-years, Tracy Riench, shared how each time her husband earned an award for his excellent driving that the memorabilia (plaques, certificates, watches, rings, and more) are not packed up and tucked away. They are put on display all over the home to honour her husband and to remind their two sons of their father’s success.

“Brian has always been someone the Operations Team here in Winnipeg can count on. We know that when Brian’s out there, we know the load is going to get delivered on time and safely. With Brian’s excellent safety record, he is Winnipeg’s lead certified Driver Trainer and has been since April of 2018.” – Roger Larocque, Winnipeg’s Terminal Manager

Brian credits his success in life to the advice his father passed on to him, “One of the biggest things that my dad taught me when I was young is that ‘any job worth doing, is worth doing well.'”
Brian lives that livestyle each and everyday which has been a massive contribution to his home and work life.

In the calendar year of 2023, Brian safely delivered a total of 638 and 352 of those being to Shell retail stations within the Province of Manitoba alone. His routes range between city and short haul highway loads.

Brian was asked, ‘How does it feel to be named Shell’s Canadian Driver of the Year?’
“That’s actually overwhelming for me to understand yet” he shared with excitement, “The fact that I am being honoured with this award is in an area that I can’t even comprehend to be honestly truthful. It is such an honour.”

He closed off the interview by sharing, “The bottom line is, I just love doing my job.”

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