National Accessibility Week – Disabilities aren’t always visible

June 2, 2023

Angela Hoyer joined our KAG Canada team nearly a year and a half ago and has been an asset to our team ever since. In addition to being one of our Accounts Payable Clerks, she is a valuable member of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

She was born deaf but has never allowed it to be a barrier in her life. She shared her experience with KAG Canada so far,

“The wonderful team of KAG Canada are so open to making my workplace enjoyable to come to everyday. The IT team has been fantastic to work with and have provided me a Logic camera and enabled the closed captioning feature on Microsoft Teams video calls. This has allowed me to read the closed captioning text as well as the lips of the speaker in the meetings I am a part of.”

On Angela’s first day at our company, her manager went out of her way to work with our Communications Team to have an email broadcast sent out to all of the team members in the Edmonton Head Office. The broadcast was to inform them of Angela joining our team and to share how Angela prefers to communicate.

“I sincerely appreciated the broadcast my Manager sent out because it ensured all of my team members were made aware of my disability all at once which I believe has lead to my success at the company!”

Given Angela’s unique perspective and life experience, she is a great asset to our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and is passionate about continuing to make KAG Canada the best transportation companies to work for. When asked why she joined the group, this is what she shared,

“I joined the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group to be a voice and to collaborate with the my team members across Canada. Our committee’s goal is to maintain a welcoming and inclusive work environment for everyone who calls KAG Canada home regardless of their race, gender, or disability!”

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