Yellowknife Operations and Leadership Changes

December 8, 2023

Larry Wheaton, Vice President of RTL Construction is leaving the company at the end of this year. We wish Larry the best and thank him for his extraordinary career and leadership over his 40 years.  

We are very excited to share Dan Columbus, our Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment will be joining the team in the North.  In addition to safety leadership, Dan will assume the role as our senior leader in Yellowknife as VP of Health, Safety and Environment and Northwest Territories Operations and work with our team to grow and develop our people, our overall team, and the business.

Many of our construction and driving teams have worked with Dan in the field over the years during his trips to Yellowknife, and Dan’s always shared back how much he has enjoyed this time. When this opportunity become available, Dan’s name immediately came to mind given his years of knowledge, energy, and proven leadership within the transportation industry.

This is a new and evolving change in the business and further details will be communicated to the team in Yellowknife as Dan and Larry work together on the handover of Larry’s duties. The plan is for Dan to be fully transitioned to the Yellowknife office to start the new year.

There is a lot to look forward to this winter, and Dan is ready to work with Hedley Rideout, General Construction Superintendent, and Steve Thompson, Yellowknife Terminal Manager, and their respective teams on pulling off a safe and successful season where everyone involved is supported and recognized for their dedication and commitment to this unique and important piece of our business. Dan, along with our Project Managers Dale Wheaton and Shane Langlois will be actively seeking new opportunities for spring, summer and fall work for our crews, along with maintaining our strong presence on the winter road with respect to building and maintenance. 

Please join us in congratulating Dan on joining the team in Yellowknife. 

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