IFS and Major Heavy-Duty Fleets Collaborate to Advance the use of Hydrogen Fuel in Heavy-Duty Trucks

August 23, 2022

Innovative Fuel Systems 
Aug 23, 2022, 09:00 ET

EDMONTON, AB, Aug. 23, 2022 /CNW/ – Innovative Fuel Systems Ltd. (IFS), an Edmonton-based, privately-owned cleantech company that provides innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and generate fuel savings for heavy-duty (HD) trucks, is pleased to announce its collaboration with several major trucking fleets to support and advance hydrogen fuel use in 90% of existing HD engines using IFS’ patent-pending retrofit dual-fuel technology, Multi-Fuel Technology Platform (MFTP™).

The founding members—Certarus, KAG Canada, Superior Propane, Trimac Transportation Services Inc., and a large, Alberta-based fleet operating throughout North America—represent some of the largest HD fleets in Canada. These companies understand the need to reduce GHG emissions within the HD transport industry and recognize the importance of advancing the use of hydrogen as a GHG-reducing fuel. They support the commercialization of IFS’ dual-fuel system, MFTP™, because it represents the fastest and most economically efficient pathway to hydrogen fuel usage within the industry, it is industry proven, and it offers in-cylinder mixing, providing unmatched performance and GHG reductions.

“Our MFTP™ technology is already commercially available for cleaner-burning natural gas. We will leverage that knowledge to have a hydrogen dual-fuel option commercially available in late 2023, enabling owners to quickly adapt for the use of hydrogen fuel in their existing fleet,” said Leland Oberst, President and Chief Executive Officer of IFS. “This collaboration focuses on delivering performance for heavy-duty fleet owners and reducing GHG emissions.”

“For more than a year, we have successfully replaced an impactful portion of diesel fuel with cleaner-burning natural gas using IFS’ MFTP™ retrofit technology on our existing HD trucks. This has proven to be a great, economically viable, long-term solution to reducing emissions while continuing to use our existing fleet infrastructure and maintaining HD engine performance in demanding operations and conditions,” says Chris Chapman, Vice President, Fleet Services, KAG Canada. “We support the commercialization of MFTP™ hydrogen fuel technology because it can be commercially available in the near term and can help create demand for pending hydrogen fuel station infrastructure in order to meet net zero targets.”


IFS (www.innovativefuelsystems.com) is an Edmonton-based cleantech company with a proprietary, patent-pending Multi-Fuel Technology Platform for retrofitting Class 8 heavy-duty diesel engines to operate with compressed natural gas (CNG) or renewable natural gas (RNG) . The platform can also integrate other cleaner-burning fuels, such as hydrogen. IFS’ strong patent applications, sophisticated programming, and proprietary methodology enable existing heavy-duty fleets to be retrofitted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs.


KAG Canada is the Canadian service group for The Kenan Advantage Group Inc. (KAG). KAG is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider. The Canadian company encompasses Westcan Bulk Transport, RTL Construction, Les Distributions Carl Beaulac, Paul’s Hauling, and Kentrax Transport. The hauling companies under KAG Canada have nearly 60 years of combined experience and serve over 600 customers in the agriculture and energy sectors and the petroleum and mining industries.

SOURCE: Innovative Fuel Systems

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